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After having spent over twenty years in high-responsibility positions in finance, where stress is perpetually present, Emilie wanted to find a work/life balance of life where well-being and good will are put forward.

Having already practiced Pilates and Yoga for more than ten years, Emilie discovered facial yoga after noticing that as the years passed and as the stress piled up, her face seemed more marked and duller.

Not wanting to try invasive procedures and having already undergone  surgeries for her back, she did not want to undergo further surgical procedures.

So, from thread to needle and after several pieces of research, Emilie discovered facial yoga and liked the holistic and gentle side of this method, which tested on it worked very well! The observation around her of a need and the wish to be able to share with others this desire for well-being has done the rest!

This is how this idea to teach the practice of facial yoga was born!


Emilie Tallec

Certified Face Yoga Teacher,
Founder of the Face Yoga by Lili Method

Emilie is certified by the Danielle COLLINS Method, the international reference in Face Yoga, accredited by the International College of Holistic Medicine and by Sylvie LEFRANC, the french reference. Emilie is founder of the Face Yoga by Lili method,  which is a holistic, gentle, and effective method that allows, always kindly to regain a young, radiant skin and a radiant face.

French & naturalized Brazilian, living in Sao Paulo for seven years, Emilie speaks French, Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

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