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Our face and neck are composed of about fifty muscles; come and discover how to solicit them, and offer them more firmness and volume! These are a few minutes of daily practice, moments of entertainment, relaxation, and well-being.


Face Yoga by Lili is a natural and easy way to feel good about yourself, young, happy, and radiant! Indeed, just like the body, the face needs to be stimulated to remain toned and smooth.


The essence of this method is a mixture of facial gymnastics, self-massage, acupressure, and relaxation exercise designed to allow you to lift, smooth, firm, and improve your face as a whole. Let us not prevent ourselves from aging to remain beautiful, but on the contrary, let us learn to age well by beginning to understand our wonderful face, and its history, to become even more beautiful.


With the right exercises and gestures, your muscles relax, your wrinkles fade, the jawline of your face is redesigned, your features become lighter, your eyes open, your dark circles disappear, your lips are fuller and your complexion is clearer and brighter!

"No outer grace is complete if the inner beauty does not invigorate it.

The beauty of the soul spreads like a mysterious light on the beauty of the body."

Victor Hugo

Practice, Lift and Glow



Gaëlle T.

Amazing, again! I love it!

Claire-Sophie C.

Loved it! Now I want more! I am doing my exercices each day ! 

Claire C.

That was so good! As usual.

Catherine B.

Thas was very nice. A pure moment of relaxation, but also of work with exercises. Never done before and now I'm waiting each week for the next session.

Gabrielle M.

I love my private sessions. Besides working on the muscles, this is very relaxing and this is a time  only for me! 

Albane B.

Thank you very much for this time very relaxing. Your explanation was crystal clear. I was very impressed!



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