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Who is Face Yoga BY LiLi for?


Face Yoga is for everyone! It is a 100% natural method that will help you de-stress your skin, relax contracted muscles while toning those that are released. This helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and thus help you keep your skin healthy, and a younger, radiant face.


At what age can you practice Face Yoga by Lili?

There is no age! "Preventing is better than healing ..."
Face Yoga is practiced in "prevention" for the youngest and in "correction" afterwards. It's always a good place to get used to good practices as soon as possible!


Why practice with Face Yoga by Lili when there are free online courses?

Face Yoga by Lili will give you the exercises that match your unique face and correct your gestures during your postures, as well as teach you the self-care gestures that correspond to you and the points of acupressure that concern you. It's not about creating other wrinkles or lines on your face, which may be the case if you're not being followed and/or have other pain.

In addition, Face Yoga by Lili will also take into account any medical complications that you may have had in the past or that you have at this time.


How long do you get results?

The "time to obtain visible results" will depress the regularity of the practice.
For quick results, it is advisable to have a daily practice (at least 6 days a week) and if possible to do a routine of about 10 minutes. However, you have to adapt your routine to your schedule, and practicing "well" for 5 minutes is better than "very fast" for 10 minutes.
Regular practice of facial yoga will allow you to naturally reverse the signs of skin aging.
Exercises allow you to sculpt and lift your face and muscles. They also help the circulation of oxygen, blood and lymphatic, and thus detoxifying the face.
You can already have results in two weeks, at least in terms of your skin's structure and toning. But be kind to yourself, as the exercises affect your face, but also your general well-being.
After a month, you already see improvements and after three months of practice, others should notice them.

Can I practice yoga when you're pregnant?


Of course! No contraindications. On the other hand, some acupressure points are forbidden for pregnant women.
However, we recommend that you consult your specialist if you have any doubts.

Is it possible to do Face Yoga by Lili if you have done botox or hyaluronic acid?


Of course! It is advisable to wait a few days to a few months after the injections (depending on the treatment), but facial yoga can then allow you to work on the muscle that bothered you, and to become aware of it and to tone it precisely.


Is it possible to do yoga after cosmetic surgery?

Generally speaking, this depends on the operation and when it took place, but facial yoga being a gentle method, can be practiced.

If in doubt, it is recommended to seek the advice of your surgeon. 

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